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Earn up too $250

Help Men and woman overcome hairloss and feel more confident in themselves with our Scalp Micropigmentation treatments, while earning money!

How it works?

REFER CLIENTS: Recognise potential clients who might be receding, thinning or needing scar camouflage that would benefit from having this SMP treatment. It offers a natural looking, easy maintenance way to help conceal hair loss and leave you feeling more confident and empowered.

GET IN TOUCH: Either Message 0428 914 420 or email potential clients, with their name and contact details OR put your name on the back of the business card provided and let them know to mention your name for 5% off their treatment.

GET PAID: Once the client has paid in full we will send you your well deserved cashola!


$1500-$2400 = $150 cash back 

$2500-$3000 = $200 cash back

$3500+ =$250 cash back

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What is smp and how does it work?

Hair loss can be a real blow for most people; it can completely consume them, and they slowly start to fade away. I've witnessed numerous cases where my clients avoided events that wouldn't allow them to wear a hat, missed speaking at loved ones' weddings, hid in family photos, and avoided spending time with friends—the list goes on. They often get manipulated into taking medication with side effects or trying other "hair loss" solutions that promise results but just don't work, leaving them feeling like more of a failure. It's a real issue, and it breaks my heart.


So, how does SMP work?


Every client is unique, which is why we take a personalised approach to SMP. It's entirely tailored to the client. We use natural carbon-based pigments that we dilute to mimic the client's hair colour, and we have different needle sizes to replicate the size of their hair follicle. We build this up in stages using a layering technique to create an incredibly lifelike simulation of stubble. Generally, we do 2-4 sessions per client, with each session being split 7-14 days apart.


It's a semi-permanent procedure, so maintenance is required every 2-5 years; if left for 10 years, it can completely fade out.

Some benefits of SMP:

  • Non-invasive

  • Low maintenance

  • Instant results

  • Guaranteed to work

  • No ongoing medication required

  • Cost-effective


Scalp Micropigmentation is the best hair loss solution on the market, in my opinion. I believe in it so much, given the transformative results it provides repeatedly. It has the power to completely change one's look, confidence, and ultimately, life. I've seen countless clients exceed and become more self-assured due to SMP, and my mission is to help as many people as I can feel better about themselves.


The reason I created this affiliate program is to get as many people on the same mission as me—to help people feel better about themselves, more confident, and truly happy and content with the person staring back at them in the mirror. We're here to offer a solution that can make a real difference and is guaranteed.

Some things to note while talking to potential clients: if they are going for a density treatment, we can't come outside their natural hairline. We're just adding SMP to the scalp to camouflage the skin. It looks like extra hair follicles and is undetectable in most cases.


There are cases where we recommend shaving, as the hair tattoo will be visible. The client needs to have a certain amount of hair for it to look undetectable. We are working with the skin, so if there's a big bald patch with sparse hairs, you'll notice the contrast difference between the tattoo and hair (please refer to the photos below).

Some things to note about hair transplants: they are great in some cases, and I have recommended them to clients with a receding hairline who are not ready to shave. However, it's an invasive surgery with a weeks-long recovery time, and in some cases, they won't see results for up to a year. Even after a hair transplant, you'll still lose hair—it's Mother Nature. Medication is often recommended to prevent hair loss, but it must be taken for life, with potential side effects affecting libido, mood, and energy. It's expensive in Australia, and overseas clinics can be unreliable, saying yes to anyone and everyone.

If you have any questions about SMP, please email or call.

A full shave is recommended
Hair is too sparse will notice the hair tattoo


Perfect candidate for SMP density treatment 

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