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welcome to natural pro smp

Your boutique Scalp Micropigmentation studio dedicated to empowering both men and women experiencing hair loss. With our seasoned expertise and genuine passion, we're here to boost your confidence and elevate your personal style. With over 6 years in the hair tattoo industry, we've had the privilege of transforming the lives of over 1,000 individuals. And we're not stopping there; our mission is to touch even more lives through our work.


At Natural Pro SMP, we thrive on bringing your hair aspirations to life, crafting the hairline you've always envisioned or the hair thickness you crave, while instilling you with newfound confidence and self-assurance. Our reputation for delivering ultra-natural results and radiating positive energy precedes us.


Our studio is designed to feel more like a cozy hangout than a clinical setting. Here, you can unwind and feel right at home, just like you would with Mates!


We look forward to welcoming you into our community!


What is scalp micropigmentation?

Natural Pro SMP is a Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne studio offering an affordable and premium hair loss solution.

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP or Scalp Tattoo, is a hair restoration process that replicates hair follicles through a cosmetic tattooing procedure, and is a perfect hair loss treatment for males and females.


Hailed as one of the most life-changing cosmetic procedures in modern hair replacement, SMP provides treatments for receding hairlines, pattern baldness, thinning, and works exceptionally well with FUT & FUE transplant scars to create a fuller look that suits your personality perfectly!

If you are receding, thinning, suffer from pattern baldness, alopecia, or transplant scars we can help you regain your confidence with our Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment.


No more hiding under hats or in dark corners it’s time to take back your life and gain control.


is scalp micropigmentation for me?

They say beauty is in the eye of beholder, but when it comes to your hairline and whether or not you're losing strands regularly, the best opinion should be yours.


That's why we offer Scalp Micropigmentation as an affordable, non-surgical treatment that guarantees results - perfect for anyone who wants their hair back! Our expert technicians are here to provide free personalised advise so all questions are answered before getting started on this life changing journey towards a full head of hair again.

You can expect nothing but quality, natural looking results with every treatment. Our technique has been developed over years of experience on all skin types. We start conservative on your first session so as not to overwhelming or irritate the area needing transformation, and gradually build up density until you are satisfied by our work!

During your first free and private SMP consultation, you'll meet our expert hair loss technician who will talk you through the process, determine what you would like to achieve, provide personalised recommendations tailored to your specific needs, and give you a no-obligation quote to get a full head of hair back.

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What stage of hair loss am i currently at?


With the Norwood Scale, all men can find out at what level of hair loss they are.

This universal unit of measure for checking progress is called a "grade" on this scale, and each number represents more severe forms than previous ones, from 1 (healthy) to 7, where you have significant hair loss.

The Norwood Scale is a great way for men to find out how much hair loss they have. With this 1 - 7 measurement, we can accurately measure your level and we will use it in designing the best treatment plan perfectly suited for you!

Minor Hair Loss

Hairloss norwood scale 2


Significant Hair Loss

Hairloss norwood scale 6


Medium Hair Loss

Hairloss norwood scale 3


Complete Loss

Hairloss norwood scale 7

We look forward to helping you with your life changing transformation

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