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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt? Read This Before Deciding

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt? Natural Pro SMP | Melbourne

So, you're thinking of getting a Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo treatment, but wondering Does Scalp Micropigmentation hurt? We actually get asked this a lot. Seriously, if an SMP artist got a few dollars every time this question was asked, we would all be retiring early!

To make life easier for you, we've made this article to answer that exact question, "Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?".

Firstly, let's break down what Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a new, cutting-edge solution for people who suffer from hair loss. This treatment involves implanting pigment into the scalp to create the appearance of follicles, giving you back your natural hairline or adding density to thinning areas. To achieve the implanting process, microneedles are used to deposit the correct volume of pigment at the correct depth to achieve an ultra-natural and realistic appearance.

While the implantation of the hair tattoo pigment is similar to traditional tattoos, the sensation can vary a lot. Some of our clients have said that the Scalp Micropigmentation hair loss treatment caused minor annoyance and discomfort, while others have fallen asleep and said it was quite relaxing. At Natural Pro SMP, we have never had a client who was unable to finish their treatment due to pain and discomfort, and all of our clients have said the results were well worth it.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation hurt?

While the discomfort level of SMP generally sits around a 1-4 out of 10, the sensation of your Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo experienced will be different for everyone and will depend on a number of individual factors.

  1. Pain threshold

  2. The area being treated

  3. The size/duration of your session

  4. State of mind

  5. Scar tissue

  6. The condition and physical makeup of your skin

Pain Threshold

Some people have a higher pain threshold than others, which means that they can tolerate more pain. This has nothing to do with masculinity, so don't worry if you find that your scalp is more sensitive than other people's. It's natural to have a bit more sensitive scalp.

The Area Being Treated

Some areas of the scalp may be more sensitive than others. For example, many people report feeling more sensitive to pain around the temples, the front hairline, and the crown. Less pain and discomfort is often experienced on the middle and back of the head. This may be due to differences in the thickness of hair or skin in different areas, or because those areas are more exposed to sun, wind, and other environmental factors.

The Size/Duration of Your Session

If you are wondering how long your session will last, it depends on the size of your SMP. In general, you can expect to feel mild discomfort and very low levels of pain during the first hour of your treatment. As the treatment progresses, these levels may or may not change, depending on your pain management strategies.

The duration of your session is determined by the area that needs to be treated. A Norwood 3 vs. a Norwood 7 will have a significant impact on the time needed to complete the session.

State of Mind

When you are tense and nervous, you are more sensitive to pain. This is because your emotional state can affect your pain threshold. If you're more nervous and tense during the SMP treatment, you may be more sensitive to pain. Calm, relaxed clients tend to fare better than those who are overly stressed when dealing with discomfort.

Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can be a very sensitive issue for some people. For others, it is not as painful. The experience can differ from person to person. Some people feel nothing at all.

The Condition and Physical Makeup of Your Skin

If you have a skin condition on your scalp, it may influence the level of discomfort from Micropigmentation. For example, if someone has dandruff or other irritants that are more sensitive than usual in their head-to keep this taken into account before getting work done! Some people with thin skin and certain scars might also experience greater pain during sessions because those areas were already delicate, to begin with.

How Can I Reduce Pain From Scalp Micropigmentation

So, wondering how you can reduce any discomfort experienced during your Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo? Here are a few tips.

  1. Drink water. Make sure you stay super hydrated before and throughout your SMP treatment session.

  2. Eat before your SMP session. Many people say that their sensations intensify when they are on an empty stomach. You know the saying, you're not you when you're hungry.

  3. Relax and breathe. Take the time to enjoy your new transformation. Try not to focus on the sensation itself as this will amplify what you feel. Instead, sit back, relax, and get ready for a new you.

  4. Find distractions. Most people say that they can tune out the discomfort with a little music or Netflix.

  5. Take regular breaks. If you find that all the other tips just aren't working for you, take a small break to reset. Sometimes all that is needed is to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.


Welcome to Natural Pro SMP, Melbourne's leading experts in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) hair tattoo. Whether you need to recreate your hairline with a hairline tattoo, increase fullness to thinning hair with a hair density treatment, or get rid of that bald head shine with our complete SMP package, we have a skilled and experienced team ready to assist with all your hair loss questions.

Our team is passionate about helping people achieve the best possible results with SMP, and we're confident we can help you achieve the look you've always wanted, So don't hesitate to get in touch today!

We know that finding the right service for your hair loss needs can be confusing, so we're here to help! Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering professional advice and guidance to help you choose the right service for your unique situation. We want you to feel confident in your choice, so you can enjoy the best possible results.

Contact the expert team at Natural Pro SMP today to get you free consultation and discuss your Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne hair loss treatment needs. Phone 0411 396 624 or contact us online.

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